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LOU BONAMARTE (American, 1933-)


Oil on canvas 12 x 16

In a fine gilt modern frame with linen matte & gilt liner 20 x 24


Lou Bonamarte was born in New London, Connecticut, a deep river port, in 1933 and has spent many years roaming the piers and shoreline not far from his home, sketching and painting.

"Began painting at the age of thirty-five. Studied with John Pike in 1964 and again in 1968. Prior to this I was a graphic designer and also did illustration. During this period I attended many outdoor (sidewalk) shows and, then in 1970, 1 decided to go fulltime as a fine artist. I had little success at first and was doing freelance illustration and advertising design. I receive my first acknowledgment from the American Watercolor Society in 1972, when they awarded me the Herb Olsen Award for my watercolor "Martha's Porch". Three years later, in 1975, 1 became an artist member of Grand Central Art Galleries in New York City. I was one of three people who were responsible for founding the Lyme Art Academy of Fine Arts.”


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