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Eugene Galien-Laloue (1854-1941)

Ship in the Harbor  ca. 1910

Oil on canvas 8 x 6 Period Frame; 15 x 12.5

signed lr L. Dupuy


Eugene Galien-Laloue was born in Paris in December, 1854.  He was a pupil of Charles Laloue and was a member of the Salon des Artistes Francais from 1877.  He painted the countryside around Normandy and Seine-et-Marne, and is highly regarded for his exquisite paintings of Paris in which he conveys the essence of the Belle Epoque.  His most usual medium for these works was gouache, a mixture of opaque watercolour and glue, which he used to maximum effect. The artist captures the atmosphere of the bustling and fashionable boulevards of the great city and his portrayal of the horse-drawn carriages, trolley cars and the first omnibuses are of historical as well as artistic interest. 

He moved out of Paris many times to depict the landscapes of Normandy and the surroundings of Barbizon, making his home for a short time in Fontainebleau.  While his Parisian scenes were often of the fall and winter, he preferred to document the landscape during the brighter months of spring and summer.  He also documented life along the canals and banks of the sea and rivers, showing an interest in maritime exploits.  He died in his daughter’s house in Chérence, where they had taken refuge at the beginning of the Second World War, on April 18th, 1941.

Because Galien Laloue was in exclusive contract with one gallery, he used 5 other names: "L.Dupuy", "Juliany", "E.Galiany", "Lievin" and "Dumoutier".


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