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José Weiss (1859-1919)

Barbizon Study (oil on Board, 22" x 26")

Gilded Antique Wood Frame, 27" x 31"



 José Weiss (1859-1919) was a talented Paris-born landscape painter who settled in England in 1893. Exhibited at the RA, RBA and the Paris Salon. Lived at Houghton, near Arundel, from 1897 and painted the Sussex landscape. His landscapes reflected prevailing trends in Europe, being chiefly influenced by the Barbizon school and Impressionism. He is known for his detailed paintings of landscapes, often along rivers, where he could display his exceptional skill in capturing the play of light and shadow.

Weiss was a keen student of birds since childhood, and for years had speculated on their remarkable ability to soar on seemingly motionless wings. Weiss devoted much of his time to studies of the theory of flight. Between 1902 and 1907 he designed, constructed, and flew hundreds of models, gradually developing his own theory of inherent stability based on bird forms. Weiss's theories on wing design for inherent stability were recognized and respected in aviation circles of the day. In describing Jose Weiss's contributions to aeronautical lore, one aviation historian compared his universal genius to that of Leonardo da Vinci.

'In this type the mind and the eye of the artist are conjoined with the scientific mind. They think with the eye and the soul as well as with the brain. Such men have the joy of great vision, of peering into the mysteries; but often others, inspired by them, accomplish the practical work' 



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